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Richard Morris trading as Xplore Britain Cycling operates as a sole trader in the United Kingdom.

About Xplore Britain

In 2007 Richard Morris set up “Xplore Britain Cycling”, operating as a sole trader business in the United Kingdom.  Xplore Britain offers independent self-guided cycling tours and holidays, specialising in tours in Northern England and Scotland.  The suggested itineraries are just a starting point. We specialise in tailoring our tours and holidays to suit your requirements, including adjusting the number of days, the mileage cycled, the routes chosen and the accommodation category.  We work as quickly and efficiently as possible to make the booking experience as pleasurable as the holidays themselves. If you want something slightly different than what we show on the website, we CAN offer it. We aim to make your dream holiday a reality.

Meet the Staff

Richard Morris – Owner Operator

Richard has worked in the tourism sector for over 20 years including working for Explore Britain Walking tours and working as a ski guide in Europe. Prior to his tourism career he worked for many years in printing. He has lived in County Durham in northern England for over 6 decades and has a wide experience of cycling in Great Britain specialising in Northern England and Scotland destinations.  Richard is also a certified fly-fishing instructor working for Fly Fishing Yorkshire and would be happy to include a fishing experience as part of a cycling tour.

Richard takes care of all logistics in the UK including booking accommodations, organising luggage transfers (often doing them himself) and ensuring the bicycles are in top condition. He also works directly with local and international clients.

Winter months are spent preparing special tours for returning clients, working on new tour ideas and servicing his fleet of hybrid tour bicycles. In his free time, Richard stays active cycling, fishing, walking, skiing and pursuing other outdoor activities and interests.  You can reach Richard at


Anne Kennedy – Experience Consultant

Anne and her husband Dave have been cycle touring in the UK since 2015.  After meeting Richard and enjoying her first tour with Xplore Britain in May 2018 she reached out with an offer to provide voluntary assistance. After several years assisting with Xplore Britain she now works directly with clients to plan their bespoke tours. Anne also prepares the tour details and navigation for Xplore's bookings. 

Her knowledge of cycling in the UK continues to grow. Since 2018 she has spent over 25 weeks cycling with Xplore Britain confirming her pure enjoyment of discovering new and re-visiting favourite previously ridden routes. She has a passion for the UK and is happy to share her enthusiasm with potential clients. Anne is particularly interested in working with clients who reside internationally, helping them plan their own bespoke tours  (often initially via video chat).  Anne lives near Vancouver, BC, Canada and when she isn’t planning Xplore clients’ or her own cycle trips she enjoys an active retired lifestyle including cycling, walking and playing pickleball. You can reach Anne at 

We would like to thank Visit England and Visit Scotland for the use of some of the pictures on our web site. These images have been taken by various photographers Tony Cobley, Diana Jarvis, Roger Clegg, Paul Close, Luke Rodgers, Jim Marks, Iain Lewis, Craig Fast


Other Recommendations


This website was initially produced by EDWARD ROBERTSON. Set up in 1996, they provide creative web design solutions for national and regional companies, the emphasis being on getting the right response from the correct audience. We have been pleased with their projects for us, which met our objectives and exceeded our expectations, and they speak in plain English.


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I work at The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel as General Manager and as such I 
understand customer service and the need for a worry free vacation. 
My wife and I decided on a cycling vacation in England. We researched the 
trip we wanted to take (which ended up being the C2C route from Whitehaven to 
Newcastle) After numerous hours researching tour companies we found Xplore 
Britain and Richard Morris online.
We chose Xplore Britain over others because the Tours that Richard sets up are totally 
flexible regarding departure times and daily distance and that allowed us to create our 
own cycling vacation with guidance from Richard using his knowledge and 
experience. Although we actually never met Richard until the last day through email 
and phone contact he created a high level of trust. The accommodations he selected 
were excellent, baggage movement from location to location was never an issue In 
addition we chose not to bring our own bikes and relied on Richard to select the 
appropriate bike for the trip again he didn't let us down The vacation as it turned out 
was outstanding The value that Richard gave us made using him and his company 
an easy decision when we started to plan this year cycling vacation. This trip will be 
this June when we cycle the Coast to Castle route.
I have planned and executed several cycle trips for myself and for friends (in and 
around Vancouver) and know the details that must go into the planning process, such 
as Transportation, accommodations, luggage transfers, breakdowns etc. At first I had 
though that through my previous knowledge of England and the use of guide books 
etc that I could plan the UK trip on my own. I was very happy with the decision to hire 
Richard as it provided us with a worry and stress free vacation all we had to do was 
cycle and enjoy the scenery.
Francis, Victoria BC, Canada.

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Vacation recommendation